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Meet the Editor


Hi, folks! Let’s play third-person POV for a bit, shall we?

Adina is an editor based in Baltimore, MD. She works with indie authors and small publishing companies, digging deep to unearth the gold in their books. Adina has worked on over 100 books, and she’s edited for Gatekeeper Press, Mosaica Press, Israel Bookshop, Menucha Publishers, and more. A former fiction and poetry editor for the Baltimore Review, she has experience with a variety of genres and writing styles. She majored in English and Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University and graduated summa cum laude.

All right, fancy bit’s over.

My editing style comes down to two things: honesty and value. I always give candid feedback with the goal of mining the message from the hard rock all books are born from. No dull passages or cliché characters—that book will shine as it’s meant to. I believe in open communication, clear writing, and passionate storytelling.

Like most good editors, I’m also a writer: I have published work in The Penmen Review, Baltimore Jewish Home, Five Towns Jewish Home, Mizmor Poetry Anthology, Bridge Literary Journal, Haunted Waters Press, Sky Island Journal, and Cumberland River Review.

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