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Fairy Lights


Below is a sampling of the books I’ve mined for gold, ranging from developmental edits to proofreads. It was a blast to work with these authors!

“Adina did a phenomenal job not only catching the many grammatical mistakes but also pointing out where the story did not flow well or where the dialogue was not believable. . . . In addition to her technical and creative skills, what I might have appreciated most was her professionalism and cheery disposition.”

best foot forward.jpg

“Adina was a pleasure to work with and knew how much to ask in order to get me to dig deeper and clarify.
Truly a master at what she does. I highly recommend Adina for your editing needs.”

listen simply.jpg

“Adina has the unique skill of creating clarity with words. In developmental editing she is able to envision the end even before it’s realized. Without interfering with the author’s intent, she can structure cloudy ideas into organized ones to help make a book engaging to the audience.”


“[Thank you] for your brilliant editing and for your help in refining my stream of consciousness that was originally this manuscript.”

it's all the same to me.jpg

“Adina is an absolute professional and was a pleasure to work with! Everything from the creative commentary of the content edit to the nitty gritty of the proofread was done with thoughtfulness and class.
5 stars!”


“Not only does [Adina] do an excellent job of catching all the technical and grammatical issues in your prose, but she also has an astute eye for effective storytelling both through narrative and structure.
Adina helped me find everything from comma splices to flat dialogue and character inconsistency. After just two rounds of editing with EdelmanEdits, I feel far more confident in my story than I ever imagined I could.”

danger deep down.jpg

“Working with Adina was a gratifying experience. Her invaluable input helped make my story so much more readable. I have every intention of reaching out to Adina in the future and highly recommend her to all authors looking for insightful comments and exceptional expertise.”

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Image by Laura Kapfer
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