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Book Editing to

Mine Your Message


Personalized, Reliable Editing for

Authors of Fiction and Memoir

Editing Services

From Messy Manuscript to Published Book

‘‘I wrote a book . . . now what?’’

‘‘This whole editing thing

is overwhelming. How does

the process work?’’

‘‘Is my writing any good?

Will my readers enjoy it?’’

Listen up, y’all.

An editor is first and foremost your reader.

But she’s also a professional who can give you personalized
encouragement, and critique.

So do yourself a favor!

Team up with an editor who will mine your message,
digging up the golden nuggets—not just the grammar issues.

We’ll transform your book from ‘‘good’’ to ‘‘gold.’’

Developmental Editing

Copying Down

Line Editing/Copyediting

Several Open Books


Meet the Editor

I’m a book editor based in Baltimore, MD.
m all about mining your message, bringing out the full gold of your story. 


‘‘Adina was a pleasure to work with and knew how to ask the right questions in order to get me to dig deeper and clarify. Truly a master at what she does. I highly recommend Adina for your editing needs.’’

—Miriam Hendeles, author of Best Foot Forward

Forest Road

‘‘A good editor doesn’t rewrite words, she rewires synapses.’’

—S. Kelley Harrell, Award-Winning Author

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